How could be classify the different civilizations types in the universe?

The physic’s laws can serve us for many scientific investigations, but we have also used them to visualize profiles that possible civilizations out in the space would have. If we observe our own evolution from 100 000 years in the past, since the first humans appeared in Africa, we can see it as a history of an increasing energy consume. The Russian astrophysicist Nikolái Kardashev exposed the development of civilizations further away from the Earth, could be classified in different civilizations types according to their energy consume. Using the physic’s laws, he grouped together the possible civilizations in three different types.

The Kardashev civilizations

  • 1 – Civilizations of type I: these civilizations are those which collect the planetary energy, using all the solar light that enters in their planet. They can also maybe take advantage the volcano’s power, manipulate the climate, control the earthquakes and construct cities under the water. All the planetary power is under their control. In theory, they have already colonized other planets in their stellar system.
  • 2 – Civilizations of type II: the civilizations of this type can use all the power of their sun, which makes them 10 000 millions of times more powerful than a civilization of type I. In a certain sense, these civilizations are immortal. Nothing known by the science, as the glacial periods, meteorite impacts or even supernovas can destruct them. (If their star was at the point of exploding, these people could move to another stellar system, or even move their own planet).
  • 3 – Civilizations of type III: they are the civilizations that can use the power of all the galaxy. They are 10 000 millions of times more powerful than a civilization of type II. The empire of Star Wars, for example, it corresponds to a civilization of type III. These civilizations have colonized thousands of millions of stellar systems and can exploit the power of the dark hole at the centre of their galaxy. They can move around freely through all their galaxy.

Kardashev considered that, if a civilization grew up at a modest rhythm of a small percentage of energy per year, it could evolve rapidly to the next type of civilization, in some thousands or tenths of thousands years.

Our civilization type

Our civilizations types doesn’t correspond to any of the mentioned previously. Our civilization is of the type 0, that is, we use dead plants, petrol and carbon to aliment our machines. We only use a minuscule fraction of the energy that arrives to our planet. Even so, we can see evidences of a type I civilization surging in the Earth. For example, Internet is the beginning of a telephonic system at global level.

The transitions from one civilization to another isn’t guaranteed. The most dangerous transition, can be the transition between a level 0 civilization and one of type I. A civilization of type 0 is still full of sectarianism, fundamentalism and racism that characterized their apparition, and it isn’t clear if these reasons would impede or not their transition. Maybe a reason for which we don’t see type I civilizations is because they have never made the transition, for example, because they have self destructed. Some of the reasons for which they have been destructed would be, for example, that their atmospheres were radioactive, or were made too hot to contain life.

When a civilization will have arrived to the level III type, it will have the energy and the necessary knowledges to travel freely around the galaxy and even arrive to the Earth. These civilizations would be able to send self-replicating probes through the entire galaxy with the objective of searching intelligent live. However, it is probable that a civilization of type III wouldn’t be interested in visiting or conquering us. In the space there are a big quantity of died planets with an enormous quantity of mineral resources that they could collect without the need of battling a native population. Their attitude towards us could be similar to ours’ in front of an ant’s nest. We don’t normally go and offer them pearls and jewels, but we simply ignore them.

A forth type of civilization

This type of civilization is capable of colonizing any galaxy and exploit its energy. In other words, the domain of this civilization has a universal level. In theory, they would be able of travelling through time, teleport them themselves, materialize objects from energy, modify the nature and even move entire stellar systems. Thanks to their power, they could even try of going out from their own universe and arrive to another one if the case arrives that their universe was at the point of dying.

This last additional civilizations types, is very criticized by the community of scientists. The critic that the scientists set out says that even if a civilization existed, it would be impossible to observe it and know it because it would be impossible to distinguish the actions that that civilization took and the natural events.

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