The light

The light, or electromagnetic radiation, which is the scientific name, is, for a definition, a vibration in the fifth dimension. This light is transported by photons, which can only carry a limited quantity of energy, and this energy it’s what distinguish the different types of light, which can go from the gamma rays, the most energetic, to the radio waves, the light with less energy. The light, depending on its type, can be visible, or invisible. The mainly part of the light types, aren’t visible.

When we talk about light, it’s the visible in which we think normally, with which we perceive the world. If we decompose this light with a prism, we’ll notice that, in fact, it’s a mixture of different types of light, those that we perceive like colours. What we’ll obtain when we decompose the light with the prism, is a rainbow with a degrade of colours that go from blue to red. This colours are different types of visible light, and, depending on the colour, the photons that form it, transport more or less energy.

The blue light, for example, is a light more energetic than the red one. This means, that a blue light photon is more energetic than a photon that carries red light. This different energy level happen with all the types of light, even the invisible.

The light is classified according to the energy that it carries. This is the function of the electromagnetic spectrum, where the different types of light are classified according to their energy, from the light type that is more energetic to the type that is less energetic.

All the names that we can see in the electromagnetic spectrum are different types of light, in fact, the visible light it only occupy a very small part of the spectrum, which is where the colours are. The curves that there are on the names of the types of light represent the wavelength, which, as small as it is, to say, as the curves are closer the ones to the others, the type of light specifically carries more energy

At the beginning of the electromagnetic spectrum, we see that there are the gamma rays, the most energetic, followed by the X rays, which are used by the doctors in the surgery.

After the X rays, there is the ultraviolet light, which our eyes can’t see but that is the responsible of the burns that we do ourselves in summer due to the Sun, just as the infrared light, which is situated after the visible light.

The two last types of light are, in order, the microwave waves, and the radio waves. This two types of light are those that carry less energy of all, and, normally, we use them in our daily live, for example, when we warm up food in the microwaves.

All the cosmos objects emit light, light of many types. The Sun, for example, emits light of all types, from the gamma to the radio waves.

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